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Dove Cameron Fan   Nov 27, 2015   Comment

Our gallery has been updated with 358 HD screen captures of Dove from the movie ‘Barely Lethal’. Check them out:

DCF021 DCF084 DCF324

I have also added 5 new stills from the movie:

normal_DCF007 normal_DCF009 normal_DCF011

– (2015) Barely Lethal > Screen Captures: Film
– (2015) Barely Lethal > Production Stills

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I have added 7 pics of Dove on my gallery. Check them out:

normal_DCF004 normal_DCF005 normal_DCF007

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I have added 17 stills in HQ from ‘Liv and Maddie’ on my gallery. Check them out:

dc1 dc2 dc3

– Episode Stills > 3×09 | Joy-To-A-Rooney

Dove Cameron Fan   Nov 14, 2015   Comment

Have you ever been so moved by someone crying that it brought tears to your eyes?

That’s sort of what happened when Dove Cameron sat down with us to talk about #BUILTBYGIRLS. The 19-year-old actress and singer was touched by our long term mission. “Oh my god. Wow! That made me cry,” Dove said referring to our sizzle video. “It’s so cool to see that happening.”

She moved to Los Angeles when she was 13 to pursue acting, but before that Dove traveled a lot of the world. “I’ve been to Third World countries and a lot of my childhood was spent in India. Just being a girl and understanding feminism and equality and what it actually means, not just the broken down Wikipedia version.” She explained why equality is so important. “Human rights – seeing girls in these countries or even here, it’s not talked about because it’s not like it used to be so we think it’s progress. Which yes, it is, but it’s nowhere near fixed.”

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I have added a new picture of Dove on my gallery. Check it out:

dc1 no-image1-150x150 no-image1-150x150

– Miscellaneous > Built by Girls
Dove Cameron Fan   Nov 11, 2015   Comment

Hi, Dovelies!

Today, the cast of Disney’s Descendants taping their segment for the Disney’s Christmas Parade. Dove Cameron and the rest of the cast performed wearing their Descendants outfits.

I have added some pics in medium quality on my gallery. Check them out!

DCF001 DCF004 DCF013

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Dove Cameron Fan   Nov 1, 2015   Comment

Our gallery has been updated with 12 stills in HQ from ‘Liv and Maddie’. Check them out:

3x08 3x08-1 3x08-2

– Episode Stills > 3×08 | Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney

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Our gallery has been updated with 772 screen captures from ‘Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls’. Check them out:

DCF595 DCF546 DCF115


– Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls > Screen Captures: Film

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Our gallery has been updated with a new beautiful photoshoot of Dove. Check them out:

normal_DCF003 normal_DCF004 normal_DCF005

– Photoshoot > 2015 > Session 011
Dove Cameron Fan   Oct 18, 2015   Comment

Dove Cameron attended a fan event at Downtown Disney alongside the Descendants Cast. Check out some pictures on my gallery:

normal_DCF006 normal_DCF062 normal_DCF088

Dove Cameron Fan   Sep 25, 2015   Comment

Our gallery has been updated with a lot of screen captures from the ‘Descendants’ movie. Check them out:

DCF004 DCF555 DCF1396

I have also added some pictures of the behind the scenes from the movie:

normal_DCF002 normal_DCF004 normal_DCF008

– (2015) Descendants > Screen Captures: Film
– (2015) Descendants > Behind the Scenes