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Dove Cameron is stunning on this new cover of Genie in a Bottle. Check out the music video:

I also have added on the gallery some screen captures from the video. Check them out:

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Our gallery has been updated with 4 pictures in High Quality of Dove on set of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘. Check them out:

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Dove Cameron attended the 24th and final “A Night at Sardi’s” to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association on March 9th, 2016. Our gallery has been updated with 67 pictures in HQ of the event. Check them out:

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Our gallery has been updated with 104 screen captures from the video. Check them out:

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In a new interview, Dove Cameron talks about working with her boyfriend, Ryan McCartan and how working together in a band has been a positive experience for both.

Dove Cameron has a lot to celebrate. In addition to her Kids’ Choice nom for her role on Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie, she has a hot song with an even hotter music video.

The star told Cambio about the stunning visuals for “Glowing in the Dark,” her song with boyfriend and Liv and Maddie costar Ryan McCartan. Can you say, “Living the dream?”

Musically, they’re known as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. “This is the life we both wanted. This was one of the only things we could have control over – our own music and our content,” said Dove, who admits it’s another way for the busy couple to see each other more. “That was the idea behind it – we could do it alone, but we didn’t want to.”

Read on to see what Dove told us about filming her hauntingly beautiful new music video.

Cambio: Tell us about the concept behind the video for “Glowing in the Dark.”
Dove Cameron: What I loved most about the concept of the video was that it was very dark and romantic, but not inappropriately so for our young audience! It felt like a short, musical film! And that you could really feel the pain, love and longing between our two characters. It combined singing/our personal music (that means so much to us) and acting! So fun to be able to work with your boyfriend and best friend like that.

C: What scene from the video was your favorite to shoot?
DC: It was either all of the short spurts of touching/dancing when my character can finally touch him, which was literally just Ryan and I holding each other while everyone danced around us for the whole song, a few times…or the dance break! So fun. You get so into what’s going on around you! The whole set felt so charged and emotional.


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In this new interview, Dove and Ryan talk more about their band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Check it out:

The two of you started off by posting YouTube vids together – what inspired you two to take it to the next level and create TGATDC?
We actually created the band far before we created our YouTube channel, but before we officially released music as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, we wanted to warm people up to the idea of us singing together, which is why we started posting covers. Plus… it’s just fun to sing together!

With just two singles out, TGATDC has already created a very unique (and awesome) sound – what are the inspirations behind it?
We saw Tegan and Sara perform live at the Staples Center while we were in the thick of development. Their sound is so unified and androgynous, we were blown away. We decided to take that path with our music, to make it less about a guy and a girl singing and more about one big sound, almost like you can’t tell who is singing what. You’ll especially hear that in some of our upcoming releases.

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In recent interview to Yahoo Parenting Dove talks about her relationship with her mother and tells us about the monsters of her teenage years. Check it out:

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Dove opened up to about why the episode is so important. “Women’s rights and treating women equally is still such an issue and it’s still extremely relevant,” Dove said. “I think that there are a lot of people out there that think that it’s just sort of handled… Sort of like ‘Oh, I thought we already covered this.’ I suppose it could be easy to think that considering that we’ve made progress, but we’re definitely not done.”

While stars like Emma Watson, and Taylor Swift are proud to call themselves feminists and have done a lot to fight for gender equality, there are still tons of people who don’t understand what feminism is really about and who don’t want to be called feminists. Dove, who is proud to say she’s feminist, hopes that this episode will help to change that.

“​I think girls are scared to call themselves feminists because of the connotation, a really archaic connotation of feminism that has been really drilled into our brains since we were very young,” Dove said. “I think it can be a little bit scary to go against these extremely buried underlying social norms.”​

She also hopes that tonight’s episode will help girls to realize how many subtle forms of sexism still prevail today​ and why feminism is still so important for everyone​.

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