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In a new interview, Dove Cameron talks about working with her boyfriend, Ryan McCartan and how working together in a band has been a positive experience for both.

Dove Cameron has a lot to celebrate. In addition to her Kids’ Choice nom for her role on Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie, she has a hot song with an even hotter music video.

The star told Cambio about the stunning visuals for “Glowing in the Dark,” her song with boyfriend and Liv and Maddie costar Ryan McCartan. Can you say, “Living the dream?”

Musically, they’re known as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. “This is the life we both wanted. This was one of the only things we could have control over – our own music and our content,” said Dove, who admits it’s another way for the busy couple to see each other more. “That was the idea behind it – we could do it alone, but we didn’t want to.”

Read on to see what Dove told us about filming her hauntingly beautiful new music video.

Cambio: Tell us about the concept behind the video for “Glowing in the Dark.”
Dove Cameron: What I loved most about the concept of the video was that it was very dark and romantic, but not inappropriately so for our young audience! It felt like a short, musical film! And that you could really feel the pain, love and longing between our two characters. It combined singing/our personal music (that means so much to us) and acting! So fun to be able to work with your boyfriend and best friend like that.

C: What scene from the video was your favorite to shoot?
DC: It was either all of the short spurts of touching/dancing when my character can finally touch him, which was literally just Ryan and I holding each other while everyone danced around us for the whole song, a few times…or the dance break! So fun. You get so into what’s going on around you! The whole set felt so charged and emotional.


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