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In this new interview, Dove and Ryan talk more about their band The Girl and the Dreamcatcher. Check it out:

The two of you started off by posting YouTube vids together – what inspired you two to take it to the next level and create TGATDC?
We actually created the band far before we created our YouTube channel, but before we officially released music as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, we wanted to warm people up to the idea of us singing together, which is why we started posting covers. Plus… it’s just fun to sing together!

With just two singles out, TGATDC has already created a very unique (and awesome) sound – what are the inspirations behind it?
We saw Tegan and Sara perform live at the Staples Center while we were in the thick of development. Their sound is so unified and androgynous, we were blown away. We decided to take that path with our music, to make it less about a guy and a girl singing and more about one big sound, almost like you can’t tell who is singing what. You’ll especially hear that in some of our upcoming releases.

Tell us about the “Glowing in the Dark” music video! What was filming like?
It’s been one of the most fun parts of the job so far. We get to just think up a concept… and do it! We produce everything ourselves so we get to do it however we want to. We also hired our two best friends as the director and choreographer, so the on-set experience was just like a party at our friends house.

Was it difficult coming up with the video concept?
Not at all. As we said before, our creative team consists of us and our two best friends, so we just invited them over, played Mario Kart and had a brain-storm-sesh. Next thing we knew, we were in a graveyard.

Are there any cool/memorable behind-the-scenes moments you can share from the set?
Honestly there weren’t really any “moments,” because everything was so precisely scheduled. It was a very ambitious project and we only had two days to do it, so the whole thing was all about working really hard and creating magic!

What has the reaction for the vid/song been like from fans?
Dream-like. When we hit fans with Written in the Stars last year, they were so supportive, but didn’t really know what to expect from us. Then when Glowing came out, it really solidified our sound, our direction, our vision… The fans have been electric. Their responsiveness and love for TGATDC is unlike anything either of us have ever experienced. We’re so grateful to them. We 100% attribute all of this momentum to the fans.

What is the song-writing process like for you guys?
Step one: Get a lot of snacks.
Step two: Think of a concept for the song
Step three: Come up with some cool melodies
Step four: write the words. Ryan usually writes all the precise, specific lyrics, and Dove usually writes the more poetic, esoteric stuff, and they come together perfectly to tell the story.

If you could get in the studio with any artist, who would it be?
Everyone asks us this and Macklemore is always what we say! He’s bound to have read one of these by now. Yo, Mack, where you at?

What’s something you hope TGATDC will accomplish this year?
We really want to drop a larger compilation of music. Right now a full-length album is probably too ambitious, but we’d love to release an EP.

Any special message for TGATDC fans?
Dear incredible humans: SO THANKFUL YOU EXIST. It’s sort of terrifying to put yourself out there in song form… we’re really expressing ourselves and being vulnerable. And the fact that you all are into what we’re trying to say is honestly the most touching thing in the world. We love you. Keep catching dreams. xoGDC


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