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I have added on my gallery an outtake from a new Dove Cameron’s photoshoot. Check it out:

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Our gallery has been updated with 358 HD screen captures of Dove from the movie ‘Barely Lethal’. Check them out:

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I have also added 5 new stills from the movie:

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I have added 7 pics of Dove on my gallery. Check them out:

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Dove opened up to about why the episode is so important. “Women’s rights and treating women equally is still such an issue and it’s still extremely relevant,” Dove said. “I think that there are a lot of people out there that think that it’s just sort of handled… Sort of like ‘Oh, I thought we already covered this.’ I suppose it could be easy to think that considering that we’ve made progress, but we’re definitely not done.”

While stars like Emma Watson, and Taylor Swift are proud to call themselves feminists and have done a lot to fight for gender equality, there are still tons of people who don’t understand what feminism is really about and who don’t want to be called feminists. Dove, who is proud to say she’s feminist, hopes that this episode will help to change that.

“​I think girls are scared to call themselves feminists because of the connotation, a really archaic connotation of feminism that has been really drilled into our brains since we were very young,” Dove said. “I think it can be a little bit scary to go against these extremely buried underlying social norms.”​

She also hopes that tonight’s episode will help girls to realize how many subtle forms of sexism still prevail today​ and why feminism is still so important for everyone​.

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19-year-old Disney Channel star Dove Cameron shines on Liv and Maddie, and in a special new episode airing this Sunday, November 22 at 7:55 PM, she—and very special guest Kristen Bell!—are taking the opportunity to address a problem facing Hollywood today. Too often, on the red carpet or in interviews, women and girls aren’t asked the same sort of questions that men and boys get asked. Instead of getting to talk about their roles and acting choices, they’re asked questions about fashion or their appearance. In response, the Ask Her More movement started to encourage reporters to ask girls deeper questions than just what they’re wearing, and in “Ask-Her-More-A-Rooney” Liv gets to join the conversation. Check out what Dove had to say.

GL: In the new episode, Liv gets asked a couple of questions that focus on her appearance. Have you had any experience like that?

Dove: Well, I’ve got to say I feel like the conversation is already changing. I’ve been in a lot situations where I’ve been pleasantly surprised that a reporter didn’t ask me about any of those things. I haven’t experienced those questions to the point where I wanted or needed to complain about it. Often enough reporters’ initial reaction will be, “Oh, your dress!” and they’ll pan down to the dress and ask who it is. It’s fairly common and I heard about that a lot from my friends, too, but our goal, mine and people in my position like Rowan Blanchard who is so inspirational, is to make that less common. Things are already starting to change it’s so great that we can help reach a younger audience and change the way the next generation thinks. I’m so proud that we’re able to do something like that.

GL: What kind of questions should we be asking on the red carpet?

Dove: I love it when people ask, “Why did you choose this character?” or “Why does this character mean the world to you?” When I’m thinking about a role, and why I want a role, it’s because that role in particular means something to me. I think everybody feels that way and thinks about those things.

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